Software Development

Especially in the development of software for embedded systems with limited resources put footprint, energy consumption and real-time demands hard physical limits. With increasing cost pressures while encouraging quality, flexibility and scalability of the software can be increased for more complex requirements. The selection, application and integration of technologies, tools, methods and processes, therefore, comes at a crucial importance. Our high degree of specialization, we are able to find an optimal balance between these requirements. True to our motto, to provide all services under one roof, we provide you not only custom software, but also provide you with equal precisely the right hardware with it.

In software development we have many years of experience in the fields of measurement, control, function, driver development, and communication technology with CAN bus and Ethernet. We focus here on the development and function of the controller design for the automotive and industrial automation.

Our range of software development: 

Embedded Software Development 

Atmel AVR 8 and 32-bit microcontrollersoftwarentwiklung
Fujitsu MB86x, JADE, LIME
Freescale MPC55x
Infineon C16x
Infineon Tricore 177x, 176x and 179x
Intel 8051, 80C535, 80C515, 80C537

Bus systems CAN, LIN, RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI, network
Programming C/C ++, Visual Basic, Assembler

Used development environments:

the Fa. Vectror computer science
CAPL programming
DBC database creation
the Fa. ETAS
ETAS measurement modules, configuration
IPETRONIK measurement modules, configuration

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