Project 1M 410PS

You can never have too much power. That is why we have tackled the already powerful BMW engine N54, which does its job in the models 1M and 135i.
Read here how we manage to significantly boost performance.

How does one boost performance?
The question is quickly answered: By UNchoking the engine.

How did we do that? - Once Flow-critical bottlenecks were localized, the air filter box and clean air pipes from the suction end had to be completely redesigned. On The exhaust side, counterpressure was significantly reduced through high-volume racing catalytic converters.

All flow-relevant cross sections were enlarged and flow optimized, in order to guarantee a minimum loss flow rate of both turbo chargers. That not only improved the turbo pressure condition on the compressor side, but also compressor efficiency and the compressor exit temperature.

The air routing is also suited for all N54 3.0l Biturbo engines that are built into 135i Cabrio, 135i Coupe, 1M, Z4 35i, Z4 35is(E82,E88,E89) , 335i, 335i Coupe, 335i Cabrio(E90,E91,E92,E93) respectively.

Due to manufacturing bottlenecks there is at present limited availability of air routing kits. In case of interest, please enquire by telephone.



Air Routing

The air routing was developed and manufactured in industrial grade quality. We use polyamide for our production, which is also standard for intake silencers or suction pipes in the auto industry.

Our air routing is not to be compared with the type of products made of GFK or visible carbon that are presently on offer by various manufacturers on the internet.

Particularly the installation of air routings has been split into several components. That opens up the possibility to connect the air routing from above especially around the bottleneck between splash board and engine without having lower the engine block, as is the case with many rival products.

Below for a better understanding a 3D model of the air routing.

All components of the air routing kit.


Test rig diagram

Test rig results from the inhouse Dynojet test rig.


Entry measurements with racing cats.

Exit measurements with AWRON air routing and software.

Comparison entry and exit measurements.

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