S65 B40 V8 Engine package

Function - capable S65 V8 engine package - for self installation

Plug & Play MSS60 engine control device installation kit for racing cars

The engine electronics package has the following properties:

  1. Motor control fully OBD, EOBD diagnostic capability
  2. DSC disabled
  3. Secondary air system disabled
  4. Adapted configuration ECU network on autonomous use
  5. Disabled engine diagnostic probes and function
  6. Configuration manual

The S65 engine package has all the characteristics of a production vehicle that are necessary for the fully functional motor operation . Furthermore, all existing motor protection functions of the series correspond to functional and active to ensure protection against engine damage .

The kit is designed so that it provides you the opportunity to incorporate this in various BMW models and connected to the existing electrical system.

The variants are:

  1. Software motor control
  2. MSS60 Kit
  3. MSS60 Kit without control unit

Included for variant 2 and 3 are included:

  1. MSS60 engine control unit software adaptation
  2. Wiring harness for commissioning ECU
  3. Installation instructions /switching Plan
  4. E - accelerator
  5. OBD connector
  6. Cooling water outlet temperature sensor
  7. Display DGA - RACE - S65

In variant 1 and 3, the engine control unit needs to be returned.

Custom Sofware - Upgrade opportunities to:

  1. Camshaft - Kit
  2. Airbox
  3. Motorsport - Vehicles
  4. mechanical adjustments

With the upgrades mentioned above, the vehicle must be adapted at our site.

Further modifications on request !


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